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Mazra'at Bani Saab
The Area of Eco-Tourism


L'AS TV Broadcasting on MOREP Channel 3

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An Eco-Tourism Area | Forests, Grottos, Monasteries And Hermitages | Saving the environment | Morep


Welcome to MOREPISTS PRESS online Starting June 30, 2007. This site is dedicated to publish MOREPISTS articles relevant to our concerns: Reform, Environment, Culture, General Politics, Social Charity Program, Justice, Economy…MOREPists Press! Click

Saving the Nature of Lebanon. Mazraa' Beni Saab, a tourism area declared by the Ministry of Tourism Decision Number 634/1999 supported by the Council of State of Lebanon Decision number 298/99-2000 to save the cedar forests against the devastating queries.

It is a region of Ecological Importance located in the North of lebanon in a huge Saint Valley, we found:

1- Forests of Lebanese Cedars old of many thousands years

2- Grottos with pure flat cold water

3- Monasteries of archeological interest, old of more than sixteen hundred years ago, located under rocks of the mountain.











Forêt de Cèdres de Mazraat Bani Saab et de Niha lors d'une visite de la forêt et la découverte de différents types de Champignons (par MOREP: the Movement of Reform and Environment Program)

Attention il existe dans la région de mines anti-personnelles, MOREP lance une campagne pour déminer la région par les autorités.






in Partnership with NOMADS LAND FILMS

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MOREP BREAKING NEWS>>17/10/2007  MOREP- Chapitre Culturel explore la côte en la présence du Président Abi Saab. MOREP dévoile la mise en marche de la procedure de protection de l’Antique Mur de la COTE de BATROUN depuis le temps romain. | 24/7/07 in the MOREPISTS PRESS,  El-Saghir: System Politics: A Mathematical Approach To The Peace Process In The Middle East.  What Are Toxins and How Dangerous Are They Really by Lina El Baker..     Lebanon: A Message To The World By Philip Salem. 15/707 Le Président du MOREP a proposé dans le MOREPISTS PRESS pour une application de la loi législative, dans un pays où le scrutin est douteux, les élections doivent-être soumises à une accreditation d’un organisme international, et gérées par une délégation d’observateurs (DO) (qui a comme fonction de présenter un rapport officiel) et une « Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante » (CENI) qui présente en chiffre les résultats législatives. Selon Dr Abi Saab,  ces derniers seront comparés aux résultats officiels et seront examinés conjointement avec le rapport de la Délégation par le Conseil Constitutionnel qui valide ou non ces résultats. MOREP SPOKESMAN       Saturday 7/7/07 Dans l’état actuel, au moment de la préparation de la rencontre de Saint Cloud, le président du MOREP a proposé ce soir un plan danslequel un gouvernement de 7 ministres technocrates présidé par Seniora fera la transition et mettra au point le vote d’un nouveau président de la république au cours des négociations de Saint Cloud.             MOREP’s President Dr ABi Saab declaration today pushes again for the code of CSR as it was previously proposed by MOREP political Chapter (see January 16th, 2007) which is a vehicle for harmonization, social cohesion and improving competitiveness. This implementation will fight corruption and promote economical growth. Dr Abi Saab proposes once again this issue for the Round Table Negotiation as a part of Saint Cloud inter-lebanese meeting in France. From MOREP’s spokesman. MOREP       3/7/2007 MOREP scientific chapter working on global warming issues today introduction on a new onset of device acting on city warming. Beside the previous issues, decreasing the effect of Air Conditioning on city warming by encouraging to switch off the AC during non needs hours, a new onset of device plan which introduce the warm air produced by AC to outside atmosphere pulling it into water container in which the air temperature becomes acceptable . Such a device will reduce the city warming produced by AC during summer time, and hence participating in the reduction of the global warming. MOREP SPokesman, Environment scientific Chapter.    30 June 07 - MOREP introduces the MOREPISTS PRESS online publishing of MOREPists articles in all category including Reform, Environment, General Politics, Culture, Justice, Economy, Social Charity Program. MOREP Spokesman declared this morning...   26/6/2007 MOREP declared yesterday night an inter-lebanese peace process by increasing the MOREP coalition through different regions. Lebanon is one of the best social, cultural, educational country in the middle east, with its quality of freedom, asking Lebanese not to loose the Lebanese quality, illegal arms are not permitted, supporting the Lebanese courageous army as Morep president Dr Abi Saab said.       4/6/07 MOREP President Dr Abi Saab thanks all MOREPISTS of supporting the Lebanese Army, they are the guarantee of a peaceful life. He added that Lebanon should be free from illegal arms, Dr Abi Saab said yesterday after overseas MOREP meeting.      ....27/5/2007 MOREP Medical Chapter urges DRs to keep our Order free from Politics. MOREP Spokesman.         25 April 07 - MOREP's President Dr Abi Saab said that “political conditions are now more favorable for a new set of political round table or a new government than they have been for a long time”. He added that “political leaders in Lebanon should clearly demonstrates their commitment to the Lebanese population seeking peaceful process of negotiation. Messages stressing both the importance and the urgency of concluding the negotiations have been coming in from all sides, including the highest political levels". He added that since the beginning of the year, MOREP has witnessed a number of developments, starting with an increasing level of political engagement and clear signals of renewed commitment to a successful action. From MOREP's Head Office spokesman....        ... MOREP Humanitarian chapter welcomes the initiative of msn on a newly introduced product "i’m" from Windows Live Messenger™. Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. MOREP president said yesterday night that this kind of donation is to address the issues you feel passionate about, including poverty, child protection, disease, and environmental degradation. MOREP president Dr Abi Saab congratulates Windows team stating that a plan of MOREP CHARITY AWARD for the coming year will be finished soon hoping to deliver this AWARD to a variety of Charity Organizations. > MOREP Medical Memorial AWARD offered to Dr Sameer Naji, Middle East Region, who Has SERVED IN OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION THE MOREP MEDICAL CHAPTER FOR ITS GROWTH  WITH DIGNITY AND COMMITMENT on 28 of March 2007>>>  MOREP President asking experts, activists, corporate leaders and government officials to push for humanitarian assistance as it is crucial for maintaining a normal life. As the climate change is reaching a non-recoverable point, among the measures recommended by MOREP is to improve transportation systems, elaborating tighter building codes, financing for energy-efficiency investments. Incineration and electrical production system should be changed towards other source of electricity such as sun power, water turbines etc. FROM THE MOREP's Spokesman.>>>L'AS TV Broadcasting launching on MOREP Channel 3 on 11/02/2007.>>>MOREP's President Dr ABi Saab declaration today consistently pushes for a code of corporate social responsibility "CSR" in private sector companies, as part of PARIS 3 conference, ranging from responsible globalization to promoting human rights and fighting corruption, launching such initiative to embed this practice in Lebanon. The project will assist the integration of social and environmental concerns in business operations and in corporate interaction with government, trade unions, business associations and communities on a voluntary basis. The main objective is to  implement CSR practices, which is a vehicle for harmonization, social cohesion and improving competitiveness. This will address both local and foreign enterprises in the EU, Australia, US and  Arabic countries in cooperation with national and regional partners. Business networks with developed countries  will contribute through exchange of experience and good practices, From MOREP Head Office's spokesman.                  MOREP Cultural Chapter Launching of Morep Channel 2 by SARAH ELAH FUN TV in conjunction-partnership with Hollywood Previews on Jan 20, 2007....     07 January 07 - Launching of MOREP World Journal in conjunction with Wall Street Journal Online this day.   The President of MOREP started this day the new planning for the year 2007 mentioned previously. He hopes that Morepists will continue to have the courage to introduce reform planning into the Lebanese system throughout this year.           MOREP NEWS      Le président du MOREP Dr Abi Saab, dans un communiqué avec les morepistes a évoqué les différents movements dans le monde et leurs effets sur les nations: dictature, communisme, marxisme, socialisme, intégrisme religieux, idéologie, expansionisme, territorialisme religieux, nationalisme, impérialisme, extrémisme, racisme, faschisme, capitalisme, libéralisme et démocratie. Le Morepisme,  un mouvement réformiste représente l'environnement tout en ayant un aspect humanitaire, sociale, scientifique, ayant un équilibre socio-économique tout en encourageant le capitalisme, une préservation de la nature, de l'histoire et de la culture, pour une paix inter-populaire infinie.      MOREP NEWS      MOREP proposes for the year 2007 the anti-corruption machinery implementation by a new legislation against corruption in Lebanon. This includes a Main Central Service for the Prevention of Corruption attached to the Ministry of Justice, the Central Bank account database and the Platform for the identification of criminal assets. Lebanon should be particularly well provided with legislation on funding and in the field of asset seizure.... MOREP NEWS.....  MOREP's Head calls Lebanese urgently to restart round table negotiation...  MOREP NEWS....MOREP called after UN General Assembly  to act on the Lebanese Mediterranean sea and the COTE D'Ivoire to pull out fuel and toxic material respectively from the deep sea to preserve the deep sea ecosystem... MOREP NEWS..    Violation of the right to life and property according to a report mandated by the Human Rights Council during the summer War in Lebanon... MOREP NEWS..    MOREPISTS Participate in Beirut Maraton for Peace Reform and Environment   ...  MOREP for Negociation between Lebanese   MOREP NEWS  ....  Rising global tide of electronic waste a new problem in developing countries.....        Agricultural damage from summer conflict in Lebanon reaches $280 million according to the FAO. MOREP's Agriculture Reform Chapter suggests to establish a commission of Bio-Agriculture with the FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture to help these kind of production through out Lebanon.     MOREP News       Reaching the Millennium Development Goals as a set of global antipoverty targets through partnership of private sector, MOREP's Head Comments on UN General Assembly next week....     Sea water Pollution in LEBANON and in Côte D'Ivoire            Nations Poverty in vulnerable countries are widening in importance MOREP reports......      MOREP  condamne l'odieux attentat qui a coûté la vie du ministre de l'industrie au Liban Pierre Gemayel. MOREP présente ses condoléances à la famille Gemayel et à l'ensemble du gouvernement et du peuple libanais qui continue à souffrir et à perdre ses jeunes victimes martyrs de la souveraineté et l' indépendance.....     Morep's spokesman welcomes the new United Nations Human Rights "Council" which replaced the "commision" implementing new reform which widen its activity...     MOREP Environment and Humanitarian chapter calls to stop all kind of biological and destructive weapons production and illegal commerce into the world.>>>>>  ALARMING SITUATION: Rainforest reduction in AMAZONE...>>>  Cultural heritage and natural sites protection. Cultural Chapter of MOREP and the team work started a new project for 2007 including natural sites and cultural heritage sites  ...>>> Campaign to plant a billion trees within a year launched at UN climate change conference, all the MOREPISTS will participate to launch this project in Lebanon..>>>       On  the International Day of Tolerance Dr Majid ABi Saab heading the Morepists meeting stated that brutality and violence because simply of differences in identity should stop in this world between communities. We must each participate to uphold the principles of tolerance. In that matter Dr ABi Saab said that Pluralism and mutual respect should be on a top of our communications and in everyday education, media and educational establishments supports .   MOREP>>> MOREP BREAKING NEWS....     DR ABI SAAB asks the Lebanese communities to participate on the sorting out of waste since the source.... >>> MOREP Breaking News>>>>>  ALARMING : No plastic containers in micro, No water bottles in freezer, No  plastic wrap in microwave, Risk of Cancer. ### MOREP Breaking News ### Climate changes toward the rise in temperature will make particular species suffering MOREP reports....  MOREP Breaking News
Annahar 19 May 2005 page 2 "P.S.: Molhak Intikhabatملحق انتخابات 2005"
Al-Dyar 16 June 2005 page 16 "Hakaza Nabni Al Watan هكذا نبني الوطن"
ِAl-Anwar June 2003: Joseph Fares, , Pierre de Malichef, Wilsonn Rizk and Majid Abi Saab: responding to the order of physician of the north about medical waste.

AN-Nahar, Saturday, September 4, 1999 page 7: in Arabic: “The calm is not sure and the storm could come back”

Al-Anwar, Sunday, September 5, 1999 page 8: in Arabic: “Mazraat Abi-Saab to Nazarian: the quarries destroying the Cedars of Hadath-El-Jebbeh”

L’Orient-Le Jour, Monday, September 6, 1999 Page 4: in French: “Environnement: Nazarian se penche sur la situation à Mazraat Bani-Saab” Le ministre de l’Environnement, M. Arthur Nazarian, a reçu samedi Dr. Cheikh Majid Abi Saab qui lui a présenté un rapport sur la situation prévalant dans la région de Mazraat Bani Saab proche des Cèdres et gravement menacée sur le plan de l’environnement. Le rapport souligne l’importance de Mazraat Bani Saab sur les plans touristique et archéologique et dénonce les projets d’installation dans la région de carrières qui constituent plus d’une menace. Le rapport rappelle que d’anciennes autorisations ont été annulées par les autorités concernées soucieuses de sauvegarder la région et appelle au refus de toutes les nouvelles demandes de licences....(Extract)

TheDailyStar, Thursday, August 05, 1999  EU officials ‘shocked’ to find quarry next to project By Reem Haddad, Daily Star staff. The European Union officials were understandably angry. “What do I say?” said Charles Dereix, the EU’s rural, water and forest engineer. “I’m shocked. It’s incredible that the Minister of Interior would do this. It’s such a pity.” Last month, Minister Michel Murr licensed a new sand quarry to operate right next to an EU project to rehabilitate an old quarry on a forested mountain overlooking the northern village of Qnat...........(Extract)

TheDailyStar, Tuesday, September 7, 1999 page3: “Murr overrules officials to let quarry reopen”EU finds quarrying next to rehabilitation of older site By Reem Haddad, Daily Star staff. Residents of the northern village of Qnat are in shock. At 4am on Monday, they woke up to sounds they thought they would never hear again: Trucks rumbling past their homes toward a nearby sand quarry. “It’s incredible. The quarry was shut down only last month,” said Dr Majid Abi Saab.  “And now it has suddenly reopened........(Extract)

Al-Safir, Wednesday, September 8, 1999 in Arabic: “A quarry working in a protected”

An-Nahar, Friday, September 10, 1999 page 1: in Arabic: “The teeth of quarries ate the cedars”  أنياب الكسارات اكلت اشجار الارز

An-Nahar, Friday, September 10, 1999 page 7: in Arabic: “The calm was not long and the storm comes back”  الهدوء لم يطل والعاصفة عادة

TheDailyStar, Friday, September 10, 1999 page 3: Batroun quarry idle again but for how long? At 4pm on Thursday residents of the Batroun village of Mazraat Abi Saab sighed with relief. The sand quarry that has been mutilating their picturesque mountain was finally shut down.
But the villagers fear that quarrying, against which they have been protesting for two months and which they eventually  forced the Interior Ministry to halt, will resume once the dust settles......(Extract)

TheDailyStar, Friday, September 10, 1999 page 6: One step at a time By Editorial  The residents of Mazraat Abi Saab have reason to celebrate: The on-again, off-again quarrying that has plagued the tiny village in the qada of Batroun has been halted once more. But they also have reason for continuing concern because some people still want to extract a few hundred tons of flesh from the countryside........(Extract)

TheDailyStar, Friday, October 15, 1999: The sad story of the powerless minister By Reem Haddad
Daily Star staff
There was, ostensibly, only one way to find out if wayward quarrying would ever be banned, or waste dumped in rivers halted in this country. It seemed obvious to turn to the Ministry of Environment. But that logic was misplaced.“Have you read the rules which set up the ministry?” asked the clearly frustrated Environment Minister, Arthur Nazarian, pointing to a copy sitting atop a neat pile on his generally orderly desk............(Extract)

Al-Dyar, Tuesday, September 30, 1999 page 10: in Arabic: “Environment massacre at the quarry of Mazraat Abi-Saab "مجزرة بيئية في مرملة مزرعة بني صعب

An-Nahar, Thursday, December 30, 1999, Page 9: in Arabic: “Mazraat Bani Saab transformed into Tourist site” مزرعة بني صعب تحولت الى منطقة سياحية بيئية

An-Nahar, Saturday, February 12, 2000, Page 15: in Arabic: “Mazraat Bani Saab to (PI) El-Hoss for protection of the tourist ministerial decision” مزرعة بني صعب إلى الحص لحماية القرار السياحي

An-Nahar, Monday, February 14, 2000, Page 15: in Arabic: “Opened letter to the President of the Republic to protect Mazraat Bani Saab” كتاب مفتوح إلى رئيس الجمهورية لحماية مزرعة بني صعب

Al-Safir, Wednesday, February  16, 2000, page 9: in Arabic: “Betwen 26/11/1999 and 12/2/2000 the tourist site flied..” بين 26/11/1999 و 12/2/2000 طار القرار السياحي

L’Orient-Le Jour, Saturday, February 26, 2000 Page 5: in French: “Menace sur les forêts de Mazraat Bani Saab”

L’Orient-Le Jour, Saturday, February 26, 2000 Page 5: in French: “De nombreux sites naturels et archéologiques” (Many natural and archeological sites)

L’Orient-Le Jour, Saturday, February 26, 2000 Page 5: in French: “Aucune carrière ne serait “légale” selon les habitants” : Originaire de Mazraat Bani Saab, le Dr Magid Abi Saab a mis au point les arguments juridiques qui prouvent, selon lui, qu’aucune carrière au village ne peut satisfaire aux critères conformes à la loi. Les contraventions que commettrait tout propriétaire de carrières, selon le Dr Abi Saab, se résument comme suit : – La loi sur les réserves naturelles empêche tous les travaux publics à moins de 500 mètres de toute réserve. «S’il faut que les entrepreneurs de travaux publics respectent cette distance, que dirait-on pour les carrières ?»fait remarquer le Dr Abi Saab. – Il existe une loi qui considère les forêts de cèdres comme réserves naturelles, dans le caza de Bécharré entre autres. «Or, les étendues de cèdres de la région souffriront de la désertification et de la dégradation des eaux.......(Extract)

L’Orient-Le Jour, Saturday, February 26, 2000 Page 5:in French "Décision et contre-décision ministérielles Menace sur les forêts de Mazraat Bani Saab"  : Depuis août dernier, un village du caza de Bécharré, à une vingtaine de minutes de la région des Cèdres, connaît des bouleversements dans son existence paisible. Mazraat Bani Saab, une localité encore couverte de forêts – parmi elles certaines sacro-saintes étendues de cèdres – a connu dans le passé des problèmes liés à des carrières. Ce genre de travaux menacent, selon les habitants du village, la biodiversité et le patrimoine de la région. Une décision du ministre du Tourisme, M. Arthur Nazarian, «considérant Mazraat Bani Saab comme une région touristique», a été accueillie avec soulagement par les personnes qui militaient pour la reconnaissance de la valeur écologique de leur localité. Toutefois, à leur surprise, M. Nazarian a décidé d’annuler sa première décision «parce que......... (Extract)

Al-Dyar, Tuesday, Aprih 6, 2000 page 9: in Arabic: “The protected tourist site had been given up at Mazraat Abi-Saab and possible transformation into quarries” محمية مزرعة بني صعب هل تتحول إلى كسارات

Al-Mustaqbal, Monday, April 10, 2000, Page 8: in Arabic: “ Revision at the Council of state on the demand of Mazraat Bani Saab. It had been giving up its tourist value between a night and twilight”    مراجعة في مجلس شورى الدولة بطلب من مزرعة بني صعب. إلغي قرارها السياحي بين ليلة وضحاها

 Al-Mustaqbal, Tuesday, June 13, 2000, Page 12: in Arabic: “Mazraat Abi-Saab got back its tourist value”   مزرعة بني صعب عادت السياحية

AN-Nahar, Tuesday June 15, 2000, page 13: in Arabic: “The Council of State Stopped the action of the ministerial decision of tourism and turned Mazraat Abi Saab into its ecological site   مجلس شورى الدولة ابطل قرار وزير السياحة واعاد مزرعة بني صعب الى موقعها السياحي  

Al-Safir, Wednesday, June 21, 2000, page 9: in Arabic: “The Council of State give Mazraat Bani Saab its right”  أعطى مجلس شورى الدولة مزرعة بني صعب حقها

Al-Mustaqbal, Saturday, February16, 2002, Page 20: in Arabic: “ Al-Mustaqbal was Next to the People to defend their environment. The Council of State got Mazraat Bani Saab back to its Tourist Value.”  المستقبل كانت إلى جانب أبي صعب للدفاع عن البيئة. مجلس شورى الدولة اعاد مزرعة بني صعب إلى مكانتها السياحية

Al-Dyar, Tuesday, February 18, 2002 page 10: in Arabic: “Mazraat Bani Saab Became Environmental Area..”       مزرعة بني صعب عادت بيئية

Al-Dyar, Tuesday, February 21, 2002 page 10: in Arabic: “Barhalyoun”  برحليون

L’Orient-Le Jour, Thursday, March 14, 2002 : in French Des habitants d’un village du Liban-Nord obtiennent satisfaction Une jurisprudence du Conseil d’État transforme la conception de l’environnement et du patrimoine  : Un jugement du Conseil d’État datant du 23 janvier dernier ayant fait jurisprudence revêt dorénavant une importance particulière pour les défenseurs du patrimoine et de l’environnement. La plainte était formulée par des individus, originaires du village de Mazraat Bani Saab (caza de Bécharré, Liban-Nord), contre une décision du ministère du Tourisme qui, selon eux, menaçait le patrimoine naturel de leur village en reniant à ce dernier la qualité de «touristique», ouvrant par là la voie à des exploitants de carrières qui convoitaient les hauteurs boisées de la localité. La nouveauté, c’est que, parallèlement au verdict, le Conseil d’État a accepté la plainte dans la forme, considérant que les habitants d’un endroit donné peuvent sentir leurs intérêts menacés par la dégradation écologique .......(Extract)

L’Orient-Le Jour, Thursday, January 15, 2004 : in FrenchRECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE - Conclusions et publications d’un expert français sur des fossiles Les ancêtres des végétaux libanais sont plus riches que leurs descendants À quoi pouvait bien ressembler la végétation dans ce qui est aujourd’hui le Liban il y a... des millions d’années ? Les travaux du Pr Georges Barale, professeur en paléobotanique à l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon I, commencent à révéler quelques-uns des secrets des fossiles végétaux trouvés sur le territoire libanais. Le Pr Barale, qui a effectué dernièrement une visite au Liban pour collecter de nouveaux échantillons, travaille en étroite collaboration avec un groupe de passionnés, dont le Dr Édouard Makhoul, un médecin à la collection impressionnante de fossiles végétaux provenant du village de Nammoura (Kesrouan), et d’autres amateurs comme le Dr Magid Abi Saab, dont la région natale, Mazraat Bani Saab (Liban-Nord), recèle également de tels trésors, ainsi que des professeurs universitaires...........(Extract)





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